I'm fascinated by the creation and development of new art forms and the communities involved in the creative process. This is a documentary about the urban dance genre called flexing that has been growing in Brooklyn over the last decade.

The filmmaker describes flexing:
Flex dancing channels the grittiness of East New York into choreographed violence: guns battle, bones break, and hearts are ripped from chests. Using dance to illustrate their everyday lives and their inner aspirations, dancers jump into beautiful and imaginative dream logic and feats of daring: monsters roam train cars, young lovers meet, souls fly from bodies.
The Trailer
[YOUTUBE="2IY7ybtGmlM"]Flex is Kings Trailer[/YOUTUBE]

An example of flexing
[YOUTUBE="0F53ZCUUfcs"]King Bones & DJ Aaron "Finger Food" New York City Subway[/YOUTUBE]