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    Default Bully Documentary

    Yes, I know there is a thread about bullying, but the documentary does hit home quite hard. I mean, it's only the trailer for the film.

    Imagine being bullied on a daily basis. Imagine not wanting to do anything because of being bullied. Imagine being made fun of just because you are just... being... you. Imagine not wanting to go to school because you have to tolerate the same crap over and over. The school system isn't taking notice, the teachers taking a blind eye, and parents and siblings are under the loop of what is really happening.

    It drives you insane and not sure what to do. For some of us, we can tolerate for a few years. And for others, it gets so horrible that the person rather not go to or be forced to go to school. Many of these issues, linger long before these incidents. Some people decide to fight back and that leads to consequences and what the bullied should or should not do gets muddled.

    I think I'll buy it when it comes out on CD, don't think I can watch this in theaters without having adverse reactions.

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    I think this movie is going to encourage bullies more than anything. It needs an R rating; it should be more for the irresponsible parents and faculty.

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    I'm glad they could arrange it so that that younger audiences could view while still getting the point across. It would be nice for both students and adults to view and discuss it together.
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    The whole R-rating controversy was kind of odd to me for this reason: How many kids under 17 are actually gonna go see this movie in the theaters without their parents or at least an adult? And also, I feel like the kids who do want to see it in the theaters, the ones who apparently have an interest in documentary films, probably aren't the ones doing the bullying.
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