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Thread: Dsic Golf

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haight View Post
    So my friends have been playing Disc Golf for years. And, they have been attempting to get me to go over the last couple. I rather enjoy them asking because there is an entire plethora of jokes that are at my disposal to describe such a lame sport and the lame participants of said sport. After numerous one-liners, slams, and witty retorts, I get a "*^%$#-you" and that's the end of it. I usually conclude with, "I have an idea. Why don't we go play actual golf you dumb-%^$#$s."

    However, I decided that accepting their invitation, and then beating them at this lame sport, would be just as entertaining as rejecting their offers. Turns out . . . it's not a bad sport after all. I actually enjoyed myself despite the obvious broke hippie culture that seems to have enveloped the sport.

    Either way, have you played? What do you think? Easy, right?
    I'd never heard of this until the last six months. I connected with someone I knew in college last summer/fall. It turns out her home backs up to a Disc Golf Course. I'm sure it increases the value of her home.

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    Never tried it. Sometimes I play Ultimate with a group of people I know. Even though the two sports seem nothing alike beyond the actual act of throwing a frisbee, it seems that at least some of those people also cross over to play disc golf. Otherwise I wouldn't even mention it.

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