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    Default Can anyone locate this?!

    Iang by Aco is the song. The album is Irony. (sometimes the song is spelled Lang, but I believe it is suppose to be Iang)

    I was trying to find the lyrics in Japanese and the translation.

    I cannot find these lyrics posted ANYWHERE on the internet. I've clicked on a hundred google search sites already.

    Anyways, its a really glorious and peaceful song, but I want to know what it says.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Original
    織の中にはもう誰もいないことを願 てるの

    私は逆らうなんて AH 思いたくはない。

    安心して眠ればいいのよ。空は君の だよ。
    できるなら優れた言葉と夢は必要で ょう?

    私は逆らうなんて AH 思いたくはない。
    (From Kashi Time)

    Quote Originally Posted by Transliteration
    Ori no naka ni wa mou dare mo inai koto wo negatteru no
    Isoide jikan wa youi sareteiru no dakara

    Watashi wa sakarau nante (ah) omoitaku wa nai.

    Anshin shite nemureba ii no yo. Sora wa kimi no kagami da yo.
    Dekiru nara sugureta kotoba to yume wa hitsuyou deshou?

    Watashi wa sakarau nante (ah) omoitaku wa nai.

    What I think the translation could sound like, though I'm sure someone else could do a better job.

    Quote Originally Posted by Translation
    I pray there is no longer anyone caged in
    since the hours are arranging in a hurry

    I don't want to think (ah) that I go against them

    You should sleep at peace. The sky is your mirror.
    If you could, would your good words and dreams be indispensable?

    I don't want to think (ah) that I go against them

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