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    Default Dreams scenes in video games. Do you like/hate them?

    So in some games (mass effect 3, max payne etc.) dreams are featured. Usually some basic symbolism and so on. guy running after dead puppy, unicorns whispering in the wind while you're rainbow surfing etc.
    Now obviously they can't make them too crazy because they're going to use the same graphic and physics engine/coding tools they use for the rest of the game and these scenes are rarely absolutely necessary to the story.

    What do you think of these scenes?
    Personally I absolutly hate them most of the time: they seem taken out of the retarded version of Freud's work. There's this scene in mass effect 3. Basically the guy is running after a dead boy in slow motion
    WHY does it have to be slow motion !

    Then again if someone has some interesting dream scenes to talk about why not.
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    Would you care to expand upon how big or small the scope of a dreamscape is in a video game is to you?

    In Dragon Age Origins, for example, the party gets put to sleep by a sloth demon, who intends to consume their souls/spirits/bodies/whatever while they sleep. You have to go through a few areas while asleep, but it's arguable as to whether or not one is dreaming.

    There are also psychological "daydreams" in games which can affect the game quite well. I remember reading an analysis of one of the Silent Hill games where if the protagonist doesn't hear about some anomaly, nothing happens, but if she does, she encounters an incredibly difficult boss to kill--something which came from her subconscious and doesn't have its own physical manifestation.

    I feel that the dream sequences in Final Fantasy VII worked in the frame of the disjointed narrative, although they were certainly frustrating.

    I think the more context you have for the dream sequence can help increase one's appreciation for them. That being said, Little Nemo in Dreamland was an awesome game.
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    I hate not only those, but pretty much all cinematics. So slow and painful. And a special kind of hatred is reserved for those games that don't let you skip those scenes...
    -end of thread-

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    I loved the discovered footage and journals which you could read and other artifacts in the old Alone in The Dark games on the PS2.
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