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    Default Chatype (the first U.S. city to have their own typeface (font))

    So I live right outside of the Chattanooga, TN and know Robbie, one of the two developers that started this. On kickstarter they've recently surpassed their goal of raising $10,000 to help them get this font official and eventually/ideally getting it incorporated into things like business letters, road signs, police cruiser decals, the paint on the streets that indicate a bike lane/pedestrian crossing, etc. This would be the first time a U.S. city gets an official typeface that is created to offer a piece of the city's culture. In creating the font they've done research and have taken ideas from companies that have started here (Coca-cola bottling company for example) and things that set the city apart (the second video in the kickestarter link explains how they developed their font).

    I think it's a really neat idea, because I've always had a thing for branding, and also cities and the things that make them unique. This typeface idea involves the two. I figure some people would find this interesting and enjoy it.

    The first video in the first link is more of an artsy promotional thing, and the second is more technical and in-depth about the process of developing the font.

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