Before the land of modern rhythm games like Guitar Hero, and modern dance games like Just Dance, there was a time where flashing arrows and catchy electro-pop music nearly ruled the world.

This was, and still is, Dance Dance Revolution.

(Yes, we can also include related games in here, like PIU, ITG, Stepmania, and whatever variant I might have forgotten )

Would like to hear any experiences of those who used to play, or maybe still do.

I caught on to the trend pretty late in the game, and my lack-of-coordination/spaciness is such that I could never get really good, but it was still pretty addicting and I still listen to the songs a lot nowadays.

Speaking of that, the songs in themselves are a bit of an underappreciated art form. So post a couple of your favorite songs

(and insert anything else by Naoki)

And any signs of this being revived? Can it be revived?