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    Default Type, cognitive functions, and drugs

    Has anyone here done drugs, or is anyone here heavily into the "drug culture" (Erowid, Bluelight, etc.)? What are your preferences? Why? What are your thoughts on how the effects of drugs relate to type or cognitive functions?

    It's been done, but I'm aiming for a thread like this.

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    We all take drugs, unless you're a devout Mormon.

    But I think you're talking about the Extacy and the Pot and, other drugs.

    Drugs are bad.

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    i like weed and am interested in stronger psychedelics also, but for some reason with the few times i took shrooms and morning glory seeds, the effects werent that big, pretty much like with weed, but less "cloudy" feeling. it would be fun to experience a proper trip one day, but its not something i strive towards. like im pretty sure i could get some lsd and its the time of the year when shrooms grow outside, but i dont feel big enough urge to try to buy lsd or to go out and search for some shrooms.

    effects of weed depends quite much on what strain it is. sativa makes me feel like my Ne/Si turns into Se/Ni, but so that i can still go to my regular NeSi mode if i want. and as a side note, my INTJ friend once explained that when he is really stoned his Se turns into Ne(he doesent understand typology, but the way he explained was pretty accurate NiSe -> Ne) and he felt that it was pretty disturbing to him(he usually smokes very little and has super low tolerance), also his low term memory brakes down completely if he smokes too much(his too much is like half of what other people normally smoke). also when i smoke sativas, i get pretty extraverted and adhd babble babble babble, find things funny, and funny things come to my head(more than normally) and tend to make people laugh, ahh the never ending jokes. indicas make me slow, put on a constant smile and feels like i should had gone sleep ages ago, but not tired like that. something like 75% indica 25% sativa mix, i find boring and kinda like i need stimulation, but cant be arsed and want to smoke more, even tho im stoned as fuck, but its not enough, something is missing from the high all the time. most the time i prefer pure sativa(or 75%+ sativa), but pure indica(/dark hash made from indica) can be more fun at some situations.

    i have taken benzo(valium, diapam etc) + alcohol combo few times, but its pretty boring and feels just like i had one or two more drinks, but not normal drunk(benzos doesent have much effect on me either). but benzo + alcohol + weed combo is pretty fun(done that once), but only if you want to get really trashed. i could get benzos, but not really interested on doing them, i just stick to weed and alcohol.

    uppers or downers i have never tried(except those few times benzos) and dont care to try. i dont care about drugs, but i dont view psychedelics or weed as a drug.
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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