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    Anyone here play Defense of the Ancients in War Craft III?

    For those of you who don't, I recommend it.

    It's a pretty simple game where players choose one hero, rather than running an entire camp. The hero thing works like a short-lived RPG. You level your hero up, and get money and skills to elevate your power.

    With the hero you travel in to one of three "lanes" accompanied by miniature creatures called creeps, where you eventually meet the enemy heros and creeps. You'll find your way to defense towers, blocking the way to the main part of the base, which houses either the Tree of Life, or the Frozen throne. Destruction of either of these structures equals a win.

    Before this though, you have to build your character up with those levels I mentioned earlier and by killing creeps to collect gold so you can construct a hero 'build' which consists of item enhancements, making it easier to kill other heros, creeps and buildings, or just to keep your own self alive.

    I'm writing an extensive guide on situation analysis and acumen for the DotA allstars forum, and was curious if it might be worth posting here.
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    It's okay. I prefer tower defense and making custom maps.
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    I used to play it a lot in the 5.xx days, pretty well too -- now only occasionally, and I suck. Generally speaking the best thing a new player can do is to start a singleplayer game and get acquainted with the item shops and combos, heroes and hero skills, lane mechanics etc. The rest really boils down to playing more and becoming familiar with the flow of it.
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