I'm a conflict-avoidant sp/so/sx so I guess I'm about as 'non-competitive' as they come

I haven't played in a while but when I was in school I played a lot of chess and was quite good at it, being a member of a couple of national junior champion teams. But I never had the discipline or desire to be the best, either by practicing a lot or keeping up with the latest chess openings through books. To me, the fun part was playing an exciting game, win or lose. In other words, I probably fit more in the late 19th century style of play when all the players were gung-ho about going for the kill and attacking from the get-go. The modern style of play (at least in the 80s/90s) where players grind out small advantages to take to the end-game was not for me.

With regards to SLGs such Warcraft and Starcraft, I would rarely apply a 'strategy' that is the proven one that will give you the best advantage if I find the strategy 'boring' and 'repetitive'. What I find boring, others might find interesting of course.