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    Default Fanmade things that you wish were real

    I love new ideas, don't you?

    [YOUTUBE=""]JTHM Fan Trailer[/YOUTUBE]

    What do you wish was real???

    (Like movies based on books, and fanmade trailers for those)
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    i'm not 100 percent sure what you mean by "real", considering the increasingly blurred distinction between paperback and web publishing, but, when it comes to the "buffy the vampire slayer"/"angel: the series" fandom, i wish most of the work posted at the "tea at the ford" site were published in real time.

    including -

    fan novels and novellas:


    alternate universes based on the AtS/BtVS one:

    virtual season 6 of AtS:

    special mention goes to this -

    "illyria writes a poem" by stultiloquentia:

    and this -

    "glass boat, dragon's horde: requiem as lullaby for a king" by macha:

    these two touched a few strings that are usually very hard to reach. i wish those authors published their work. it would allow then to move more people in the same way.
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    I wish My Immortal were real. And I only say that half-ironically.
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