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View Poll Results: Do you think the trend toward celebrity voice acting has been positive overall?

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    I think with Disney cartoons, especially involving princesses, I'm less likely to be annoyed with a character if I know the voice.

    I guess I just see it as a movie, anyway. Why wouldn't they use movie actors in a movie? I think I'm more annoyed with using movie actors and pop stars in lead Broadway roles, especially when they have no theatre experience.
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    I don't think it's a positive or negative trend. I guess I'm not all that fussy - the celebrity voices sound fine and the noncelebrity voices sound fine. I guess it would be negative in the sense that the celebrities have a higher salary and so they get even richer (arguably I guess, since they could be displacing other projects) while the non-celebrity voice actors have a harder time getting jobs. But I don't really care that much about that aspect of it.
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    To add a point I forgot to mention, I think less care is taken in casting when a movie star is involved. If the roles are cast with voice actors who aren't famous, the casting process focuses on who best expresses the character and gives the best performance. If producers instead seek to cast a movie star, the choice is likely going to come down to availability and salary - no one is casting movie stars as voice actors for their suitability to the role.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EffEmDoubleyou View Post
    This trend has been an annoyance to me ever since it started. It's not about the relative skills of a famous actor versus a trained voice actor. My problem with it is that a famous actor brings with them a preconceived impression that impacts the audience's experience of the animated character. In other words, it's "Tom Hanks as Woody" instead of just "Woody", and that makes the true character much harder to convey to the audience. I think this does a disservice to animated movies, but it doesn't bother me when an actor brings this same preconceived impression to their live-action roles. I'm not quite sure why that is, although maybe it's the added element of their physical bodies.

    I think Robin Williams as the genie in Aladdin is an exception, as his talents uniquely suit the character. Unfortunately, the success of that movie inspired a lot more celebrity voice roles that weren't creative fits so much as names to put on the marquee.
    I kind of agree with this. Like having Cameron Diaz do the voice over (or whatever it is) - Nah.

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