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    Default Favourite TV Shows

    Share with us and recommend.

    Even if you don't want to recommend, just share.


    Mention why you like it/them.

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    Default Riva's list

    The Wire -

    This is most probably the best show I've ever seen and you've probably never seen if you don't have this in your list. Nothing in it, isn't realistic. (Though I prefer to watch unrealistic shows.)

    The show covered themes such as Police, detective work, office politics, Politics, media, childhood school issues etc in ways that no other show has ever covered.

    The ending was the best ending I've yet seen.

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    the wire, the sopranos, mad men, golden girls, freaks and geeks, six feet under, twin peaks, true blood, shameless, weeds, dexter, misfits, californication, seinfeld, parks and recreation, sex and the city, degrassi, louie, community, eastbound and down, skins, in treatment, jersey shore (yeah yeah judge all you want haters), daria, arrested development

    kinda in order but not really. but yeah the wire is amazing. the sopranos is a close second.

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    The X-Files is probably still my favorite show, but it's nothing new. Ahem.. and umm.. Xena. (Oh to hell with the small text. She's like the most badass character to ever be on TV).

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    Current shows:

    Raising Hope: I just caught up on this show on Netflix, and I'm so glad I did. The cast is all brilliantly funny, with no weak links. A sitcom with both bite and heart.

    The Walking Dead: Also just caught up with this one on Netflix. Lots of zombie gore, but the real story is survival. I like the suspense, the what-if factor.

    American Horror Story: Crazy hodgepodge of horror traditions and real-life serial killer lore, but well-acted and genuinely creepy. Dark, but not too dark for me yet.

    Downton Abbey: Series Two is being aired in the UK now, and I've been downloading it because I can't wait. Lots of good Upstairs, Downstairs/Gosford Park servants and the elite interplay, and lots of good old fashioned miniseries drama. The oldest daughter is sort of channeling Scarlett O'Hara this season. Watch the first series on Netflix. You'll be hooked, even if you don't like period drama.

    Louie: Louis CK's series on FX is a comedy, but it's not a sitcom, and Louis is not your typical hero. He doesn't win most of the time, and sometimes it's more about the slice-of-life, "huh" moments that happen to all of us. It feels like real life, if we were all the funniest standup performing today. He also cares not one bit for continuity, which makes you focus on the situation rather than relationships and backstory. The constant is Louie's relationship with his kids. His mother has been played by a couple of different actresses, and sometimes she's a saint and sometimes she's a selfish witch. Each story is its own little self-contained play. Also on Netflix and hulu.

    The Riches: Not currently on-air, a casualty of the writer's strike a few years ago, but worth mentioning because you can catch the whole series on Netflix. Follows a traveler (gypsy) family as they separate from the camp and step into another family's identity. Full of suspense, great acting and humor. I wish there were more episodes!
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    All time:

    The Simpsons: The most fully realized world in the history of TV, infinite re-watchability, and more flat-out laughs than any other show.

    The Twilight Zone: Well-constructed stories (even if the dialogue is a bit stilted and dated), originality, suspense, best integration of good story with message.

    Letterman: Originality, dry wit, creativity, and a late-career ability to speak for everyman on serious topics. My comedy guru.

    Cheers: The best sitcom ever, IMO. Mixed comedy and heart flawlessly. Humor came from character. Came the closest of any show to making me feel like I knew the characters.


    Community: Started out okay, but really found its groove as a sort of character troupe that parodies various TV tropes and genres. Insanely imaginative and has an edge, but not at the expense of likeable characters.

    Louie: Pretty much what Tallulah said. I really like that the episodes don't all have to be structured the same, and can explore a moment in time for the whole episode. For instance, one recent episode focused entirely on a group of punks harassing Louie and a date at a doughnut shop and how that exposes people's real feelings. It's a comedy in name, but sometimes there aren't very many laughs. It's always compelling, though.

    30 Rock: Hilarious and pretty accurate in its portrayal of the entertainment business. Great acting by the leads.

    Chuck: Just plain fun, with great romantic tension. It's like cotton candy. You won't remember it the next day, but it's delicious while you're having it.

    Pawn Stars: Addictive! It's like a low-rent Antiques Roadshow that focuses on a Las Vegas pawnshop and the stuff people bring in. The items are interesting, but the real draw is the interplay of the grandfather, father, son, and son's doofus friend who run the place.
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    Gotta agree with FMW on 30 Rock-I love that show (Pawn Stars is interesting too, as well as American Pickers)

    I have been pleasantly surprised by The New Girl.

    Hats off to Modern "Can't miss"show!
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    Most of the series I like are the ones everyone else likes, plus True Blood which should be liked by no one.

    I like some of the odd TLC/Discovery/NatGeo type fare as well, including: My Strange Addiction, Love/Lust, Toddlers and Tiaras, Dog Whisperer, and Taboo. There's a special place in my heart for one particular Animal Planet show called Fatal Attraction, which is basically about morons who acquire exotic animals as pets and get eaten by them.

    There is also some show I like, I've seen a couple of time, but whose name I can never remember. They take a skinny person and a fat person. Over the course of the day, the skinny person has to follow fat person's general dietary schedule, and vice versa. It's cool because it takes into consideration that the lifestyle of the anorexic model is just as damaging as the hamham with a daily caloric intake over 15,000. It's hysterical because the two people generally freaking HATE each other by the end of breakfast and are fucking awful to each other for most of the day.
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    The Mentalist
    How I met your Mother
    The Psych (Whaaaaaaaaat?)
    True Blood

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    Psych- Because watching a sympathetic douchebag and his hapless pal trying to BS their way out of absurd situations is usually pretty hilarious.

    The Walking Dead- It's everything I like about seedy zombie flicks on a grand scale. Plus, there's something addictive about the survival aspect of the situation. You can't help but imagine yourself in that position, and wonder if you would hold up....or get eaten, fast.

    Project Runway- So shoot me, I've been following this show since Season 2. I'm seriously pissed at this season and the inept production team and can already smell who the winner is going to be from a mile away, but I still hold fond memories of the Christian Sirianos and Seth Aarons of seasons past.
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