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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmotini View Post
    Who has seen Django Unchained? I thought it kept meaningless violence to a minimum considering its a Tarentino film, visually its beauty rivals Cold Mountain in some scenes, and the dialect is surprisingly accurate. My grandfather used to say "shitfire."
    I have. Django got me interested in watching some other, older westerns, as a matter of fact.

    That's good to hear about the dialogue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocket View Post
    Well the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a great one for sure. It's possible that it's only the name that creates this presence of Texas, because I don't really know much about the accents and that sort of things. However it settles firmly in the hixploitation tradition which deals with inbred rednecks, maybe a sort of extremely and even self-consciously one-sided view of Texas that's in culture, and this addition to the name creates maybe some feel of southwest.

    Paris, Texas is the absolute best drama film I've seen. It's got a genius structure and heaps of Texas photographically. Harry Dean Stanton is a hyperb actor and he's got a great face.

    Those are my faves.
    I believe you since I have always thought that the original Chainsaw seemed like the real South, it reminds me if Eastern NC out in the country, which is why in part I love it so much. It's because Tobe Hooper filmed on location in the Texas heat of the summer with no air conditioning and practically tormented the cast.

    I have never seen it referred to as a Western though.

    By that estimation movies like Hick and Wonderland would also be "Western."

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