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    The image of a man is a provider who preferably wears the uniform of a suit to show he is in charge.

    The image of a man is serious because a whole family depends on him as well as all the families in the business.

    To wear jewellery would show him as frivolous, not be trusted with serious business.

    And those who depend upon him can afford to wear jewellery, can afford to be frivolous, because they have already been provided for.

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    Default Disgust and Jewellery

    Or we might ask, why do we feel disgust at a man wearing jewellery?

    When we feel disgust, it means a taboo has been broken, in this case the taboo of serious men wearing jewellery.

    It is interesting how infallible the feeling of disgust is, as it always tells us a taboo has been broken.

    Of course in this age of cultural relativism disgust is not politically correct (/PC). Indeed we are encouraged to sell ourselves by breaking taboos.

    But unfortunately the social fabric is held together by taboos, not just in primitive tribes, but in the new electronic tribes of today.

    So those who wish to change or damage the social fabric tell us not to take any notice of our feelings of disgust.

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    Taboo be rockin' da chainz!!

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