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    I relate a lot to how @Sanctus Iacobus says he plays. In fact, I don't think I have much to add on to that.

    I'm not much for being aggressive in Texas Hold-em. I find my best strategy is playing it cool and with the flow of the game. You kind of chat up the other characters to distract them and watch their gameplay to judge things like ego and skill and play accordingly. I've got some rules when it comes to which cards I should play or not and when I should cut my losses. I find my biggest asset is not letting my ego get in the way. One of the biggest fallacies that can really get you in poker is thinking "aw hell, I've already put so much money into this hand, I might as well see it through to the end." It's funny how easy it is to want to follow through with something you've started, but you just gotta squash that feeling. I also hardly ever show my cards.

    Yeah and that thing about no emotions: pretty invaluable. You don't let them see you sweat by forbidding yourself get in that mindset. No sweating allowed.

    But yeah, I don't make huge profits this way, but I always have a good time and I hardly ever lose money and sometimes I can really get under the skin of the other people at the table (by basically playing off their weaknesses instead of my strengths to win). That in itself is pretty pleasing. But maybe one day I'll step up my game and go for big money. Maybe. I don't have a huge drive to.

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    I just got into poker - eeeh - 10 or so seconds ago - I'll tell you when I lose. It might take a while.
    Oh, its

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