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    I loveeee art and abstract art !!!!!! alrightyyy here are some of my recent favorites

    Thomas Hooper: Tattoo artist and painter/ just amazing all around artist!!

    Oleg Korolev: Amazing Russian abstract and surrealist painter!

    Alsoooo tumblr and flickr are greatttt for new artists and just some amazing stuff ( they are super addictive! but wonderful)

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    Zao Wou Ki he is a french/chinese painter and amazing and super duper famous and just a wowwww ( also he rocks a mean cardigan and seems cool to chat with)

    Hans Hartung

    Veselina Tomova
    is on exhibit here in st.johns and I really like her stuff heres a link to the site for the gallery

    I almost forgot

    Norman Bluhm


    Veronique Meignaud from Montreal

    Alex Grey

    also and not new Salvador Dali

    and last one for now
    Alphonse Mucha

    there are soo many more tooo love this thread

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    If you're interested in art/paintings/sculptures try this site. and the site isn't updated very much though but they do have a wide variety of artworks from different artists. If you're interested or if anybody is, you can mail them at

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    Perhaps you can find a Jackson Pollock print somewhere to help match your room(s) of some sorts. His art was very abstract...and crazy. He did some paintings when he was drunk and made all these crazy swirls of paint on the canvas. They are interesting.
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    how about uninteresting artists? they never get credit due.
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    Since a lot of you seem to like abstract art, you might want to check out Australian artist Dale Frank. Besides the crazy titles he gives many of his works, the seemingly uncontrolled chaos of his work is by no means unplanned, or even uncontrolled. I think I read somewhere that he can spend one month preparing a work. The titles seem to still come directly from the works. You can see the titles.

    "No matter how little he ate he always remained persistently bloated." 2010

    "His chest had sagged over the intervening thirty years to become a twenty year woman?s boobs and the increasing size of his nipples did nothing to alleviate my being taken aback." 2011

    "He was able to speak and I had listened to him speak for over two hours on the importance and intricacies of Bowie’s Low." 2011

    "He would always hit on the other young men only after making them share his so called special imported Jamaican marijuana." 2011

    I just picked a few from his 2011 exhibition WACKY DUCK FLUFFY TOM, but you can find many more of his works here.

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    Another artist I haven't checked up on in a while is (another) Australian photographer, Darren Sylvester. Check him out here. All images are much more impressive in their real size.

    "If All We Have Is Eachother, That's OK." 2003.

    "The Explanation Is Boring. It's Simple. I Don't Care." 2006.

    "Just Death Is True." 2006.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ICUP View Post
    I am trying to buy art for my home - bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, office, hall. I have spent hours looking, but can't find much I like. I don't know a whole lot about art.....

    I like abstract, modern, etc., but it can be something totally different from that.
    I don't want to spend too much money, but maybe a little.

    In other words, I have no idea what I want until I see it....

    Anyone have any interesting favorite artists or art? Or good places to browse and buy art?

    Who are your favorite artists and what are your favorite works of art? (Pics would be nice to see. )
    If you're buying art for the home, the best places to start would be local commercial galleries. You might also want to check out some of the original art and prints on etsy.

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