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    Default Netflix Movies - Watch Instantly

    Got any recommendations for Watch Instantly movies on Netflix?

    I have been watching a bunch of old classics lately, and foreign flicks, but am open to anything good!

    Right now I am watching a Korean series called "My Princess", yeah it looks and sounds cheesy, but I am hooked on these K-dramas! lol They are good...once you start you cant stop!

    "When regular girl Lee Seol finds out she's really a princess, she's sent to the palace to learn about royal etiquette from Park Hae Young, a dashing young diplomat. But will budding romance distract them from their duties?"

    Other stuff I have watched recently:

    "The Importance of Being Earnest" which was cute !

    "Chunhyang", a newer remake of a really old Korean Pansori style story.

    "How to Marry a Millionaire" starring Betty Grable & Marlyn Monroe, a fun oldy.

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    Oh yea, I watched "Iron Man 2" recently too, which was pretty good!

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    Try Marwencol. It's a crazy interesting documentary about a man who was beaten outside a bar and his very odd for of mental self-therapy. It's a great watch.

    Also, I can't recommend the BBC series "Sherlock" highly enough. It's a modern day version of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Watson and it is spectacularly well done. Engaging, exciting, cool, well drawn characters, and a Sherlock whose cool demeanor and intellectual prowess makes you wish the Robert Downey Jr version were a little bit more like him (and this Sherlock is much more like the original detective). It's three episodes, which are basically three 90 minute movies. It's great.

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    Recently I watched Only the Lonely:

    I rarely like rom-coms, but I loved this for John Candy and Maureen O'Hara's performances (Ally Sheedy is pretty adorable, as well). They all have great chemistry in this.

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