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  • Not. I'm not a customer of netflix anyways, I just wanted to vote.

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  • Not. I think it's a reasonable request.

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  • I think it'd be reasonable if they improved streaming.

    11 50.00%
  • Why not limited DVD rentals for streaming clients so they don't have to purchase DVD plans?

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  • I think they're being greedy and I don't like it.

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    ^this letter sucks. They didn't even include a "free offer" to entice or to placate their veteran members.

    Netflix is still a deal but the business/psychological response they induced in their customers is bad business. When a person/business/organization takes something away from a person, the person will get emotionally upset. Unless they are able to able slowly take it away (slippery slope) or able to offset it with another emotion or to allow them a "choice" which doesn't appear to be an unequivocal taking than people will get resentful and take their business elsewhere (or revolt/seek to punish).

    For example the reason most people don't go up and arms about losing their civil liberties is because they are taken very slowly. In those instances when they are not taken slowly the alternative manipulating tactic is implemented counterbalancing emotional stimulus to offset the angst of loss/cost (i.e. 911 and the Patriot Act). Tossing in some confusion or obfuscation also seems to help.
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    I can see why people are pissed. When I signed up, I signed up for the streaming only, so the change didn't effect me that much. I understand from reading several articles that Netflix was originally founded to be a streaming content provider and their DVD business was intended to only be interim, so I guess by their standards this was the logical next move.

    I hope somehow this helps in negotiations with the content people. I'm bummed that they lost Starz, and it looks like every studio wants to be Netflix now. I'd prefer to have only one place to go.

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    I don't think this is such a big problem. Netflix fucked up and now they're fixing it. I think they should've made each service $5 to begin with so that any increase would seem LESS BIG. I blame the people who use the dvd service for the increase, mostly because they're poor so they don't know how to take care of things properly. I have a netflix account that's been deactivated for the past three months and I only use streaming. If I want to download a movie to play somewhere where I can't get a connection(where would this be?) I would just use torrents.
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    When they first announced the price increase I heard about it second hand from a friend and I was initially outraged, but then I decided to do a bit of research. The end result is that I'm still quite displeased with the price increase (if the economy were not as bad as it is, I would probably be a lot less bothered by it) but on the basis of my preferences, netflix is still a competative option.

    Most of my comparison list was science fiction, comic adaptation movies, crime drama, and BBC shows and movies with a some action, comedy and anime for variety. I compared Netflix to Blockbuster, Amazon Prime and Hulu+. I did not include redbox, as I often rent a movie and wait for a week or more before I'm in the mood to watch it so their business model does not work for me.

    These were my conclusions from the research.
    Netflix streaming selection is still inferior to its DVD selection, however; it is still better than either of the other unlimited streaming options. Amazon Prime's main selling point is free shipping on all Amazon orders of any cost, so the streamign is just an additional benefit, but they do have a respectable selection of BBC and PBS content. Hulu Plus's selection is downright dismal if your viewing preferences are anywhere close to mine

    If you don't mind gettign stuff on a per rental deal, Amazon and Blockbuster offer streaming pay per view (with stuff not availablle on Prime) for about 2.99 to 4.99 depending on how recent the title is, but you have a narrow window to watch it in. Even tho I only watch a couple new movies a month, I don't like the narrow time window, so its just not an option that works for me. Some of the new relases can be purchased on Amazon for as low as 9.99 which is a more tempting option. The other thing I don't like about any streamed content is that they are not yet including the director comentary tracks and other bonus feature, but Netflix is also starting to move to stripped down DVDs that omit those features too.

    Blockbuster has a decent selection of TV shows (not quite as complete as Netflix), and a slightly better selection of movies - some movies like Suckerpunch are available sooner on Blockbuster than Netflix. Blockbuster does not diferentiate between normal DVD and Blu-ray pricing, so if you don't have a Blu-ray player (which I do not), then Netflix is stilll cheaper for DVDs, but that savings has the cost of waiting longer for new releases. For those with Blu-Ray, I would recomend Blockbuster if you watch more movies than TV shows. If you don't have Blu-ray, you can still go with Blockbuster to send a message to Netflix, but you won't actually be saving any money. It is also worth noting that Blockbuster also has video games as part of their rental package - if I had a 360 or PS3, that would probably be a deciding factor for me.

    My current plan is to try to make more use of the streamign while I have it and then eliminate streaming when the price change kicks in. I'll loose streaming, but they will be gettign less money from me in total. If netflix or a competitor starts offering newer titles (that I actually want to see) on streaming, then I may switch again
    I did not know that Blockbuster had a non-PPV streaming option and I have not been able to find info on it (such as a list of what titles are availabe), but I would like to know more about that. But even if they do, I use a Tivo for my streaming device, and they only offer the blockbuster PPV streaming on it (at least as far as I know).
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    Quote Originally Posted by LEGERdeMAIN View Post
    I blame the people who use the dvd service for the increase, mostly because they're poor so they don't know how to take care of things properly.
    This is the last thread I expected to see trolly behavior!
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    I got that email, too. I have no idea what that's all about. I am signed up for the streaming only plan in the first place. But I thought the letter was unnecessary. It's amazing how upset people get about this stuff.

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    I answered strictly from a business perspective. it's inconvenient, but if it makes more money, that's what business is for right?
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