Games are turning into something too casual. It is a bad thing really.

It is sort like comparing Everquest I/II, Final Fantasy XI, and WoW (quite sure everyone here knows about the three.)

An even more extreme example is comparing a console game to say... a casual game like social networking games.

It is sad when you can finish an entire game in about a day/one weekend. I mean, hell, I went through Fable III without much of any obstacle. With its flashing lights telling me where to go and a map marking X's the spot....

When was the last time I actually had to look for something without having the game telling me to follow the icon on the map or click to automatically be transported to the place you need to be. When was the last time where the quests weren't kill X amount of monsters and get experience points? When was the last time I actually had to travel across the game's world just to get to where I needed to be?

They are making games too casual AND easy.