Once again I rise from the, "Graveyard", Downbelow to tell you I am starting to learn Jitter from www.cycling'74.com

Jitter is a way of programming video in order to make art videos.

Here is an example - YouTube - Time Scanner

A while back I fell in love with Netochka Nezvanova and ever since I have wanted to become Netochka.

You can meet Netochka Nezvanova at Netochka Nezvanova - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I don't know why I love her so much as she is described as, "the most dangerous woman on the internet".

"Netochka Nezvanova", is Fyodor Dostoevsky's first but unfinished novel. And being unfinished it invites us to finish it - it invites our participation. Perhaps that is why I find Netochka Nezvanova irresistible.

Netochka is almost named for the Net - you only have to add - "ochka".

And perhaps because her name means, "Nobody from Nowhere", so is the perfect incarnation of the internet - 'cause here we are pure spirits - we are pure presence - we are very much like medieval angels - spirits without bodies.

And once again the internet is taking us from the world of literacy and leading us into the noosphere - the intuitive world of images.

And so naturally I want to learn how to make art from moving images. And that is why I am learning Jitter.