Teams that could *possibly* win the championship (either because they are really good or because things really went their way and they got some good breaks):

-San Antonio (overrated at this point, IMO, but still dangerous)
-L.A. Lakers (obviously have all the pieces in place, but can they stay together and stay focused?)
-Dallas (doubtful, but if they got really hot, they could win the West)
-OKC (if they play defense and if Durant and Westbrook are firing on all cylinders, they could do serious damage. Also, 1st round vs. Denver will not be easy.)

-Chicago (Going to be very difficult to beat them. Plus they have home court for all Game 7's. Watch out!)
-Miami (Also going to be very difficult to beat. The 3 studs make them good enough to win any series, but they have to be consistent.)
-Boston (I don't think they are as good since the trade. But, they have some horses and they have the experience to make life difficult for Chicago or Miami)
-Orlando (very doubtful, but there is a slim chance. If Howard is a complete monster and he gets a ton of help from his teammates, then they are a pretty good team).

The other 8 teams, IMO, have almost no chance of winning it all. Should be fun to watch! May the best team win.