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    Default Rediscovering Television

    Yeah Yeah I know none of you watch TV or own a TV. Internet folks don't seem to like TV and I haven't really watched TV in over 5 years, and I've lost interest in it.I don't even know what's on anymore.

    I decided that I want to become reacquainted with TV again. I know that sounds insane but I've come to see the value in it. It's sort of like a visual escapism and I could use a bit of that from time to time. I'm truly bored and sick of the internet, and it'd be cool to fall asleep in front of the boob tube on late nights.

    So tell me, what are some of your favorite television shows and why?

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    Lol, I actually made the decision to start watching TV again so that I would remember how people interact with each other. :p

    So far, I still like some of my old shows, but with TK in the house I mostly watch the tween shows on Disney channel. They aren't half bad...

    Other than that I watch documentaries, Criminal Minds, and So You Think You Can Dance.

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    I hardly ever watch TV and don't have cable. I don't really channel surf. Instead I rent DVDs of TV series from the library.
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    I watch every house and glee episode EVAR and catch up on how I met your mother every so often. That's about it for current shows, although I enjoy so you think you can dance if I see it's on. Oh and I'm working my way through community, slowly.

    Breaking bad was really interesting for a while, but it got really depressing and stressful (i.e. non-fun) to watch so I stopped.
    -end of thread-

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    I use to watch House every week. I watch the big bang theory, though I tend to wait for the dvds to come out and catch up that way. I'm a tv feign honestly but I wait til it's on netflix so I can watch them in order, since I never remember when they're on tv and I can spend 2-3 days watching a season at a time. I finally got caught up on Bones (one of my favorite shows)and Glee is awesome. My mom actually had to watch it for a research project she was doing (I don't remember what the project was though), but she ended up falling in love with the show and got my dad into it (and he's the type of person that thinks everything that isn't csi, the weather channel, or the 24 hour news channel is goofy)
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    It's a good time to return to TV. I think the Golden Age of TV started in the mid-90s and continues today. People who say it's crap either watch the wrong things, don't watch anything, or want to look smart.

    Current network series I like are The Simpsons (still), 30 Rock, Community, Chuck, and House. I also like Letterman's and Conan's late night shows, lots of Food Network shows (The Best Thing I Ever Ate is a favorite), and lately I've had some time off work and am really enjoying reruns of Law & Order (all flavors).
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    Actually, my family just got an awesome HDTV!

    And what do you mean people on the internet don't watch TV? I think it's just these forums. Everyone else here seems very intellectual.

    I don't watch any shows regularly but I enjoy watching House, Family Guy, World's Dumbest, Mystery Diagnosis (though it's not really on any more ), Avatar: The Last Airbender (the movie SUCKS, btw), Friends, Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, I'm Alive (survival stories), and various other shows... usually on the Discover Network. I wish I had the Science channel and I wish Oprah hadn't taken the Discovery Health Channel. I could watch the DHC all day.

    Everyone looks like they watch House.

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    I'll be the only one in this thread that isn't enamored of House. I'll take his pill-popping counterpart, Nurse Jackie (on Showtime). Best show on tv right now, I think. Edie Falco is brilliant, great supporting cast, wonderful writing (both the comedic and dramatic elements are equally engaging).

    I also regularly watch 30 Rock (consistently funny and sharp), How I Met Your Mother (funny, great cast), RuPaul's Drag Race (so much fun), Community (though I'm not as crazy about it as I once was) and any number of forensics and ghost hunter shows. The latter are my filler/background noise staples. Louie, Louis C.K.'s show on FX, is hilarious, too, but it's between seasons right now.
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    The only TV shows I watch regularly now are House (I'm not as into it as I used to be, but I still care enough to tune in) and Big Bang Theory (because it's funny and I like the characters). I'll also watch the occasional documentary or quiz show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulah View Post
    I'll be the only one in this thread that isn't enamored of House.
    I can keep you company.

    Suggestions: Community (funniest show on TV right now), Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, Archer (2nd funniest), Louie (maybe this is 2nd funniest? but it's between seasons), Curb Your Enthusiasm (coming back soon), Breaking Bad (best drama on right now, between seasons), Mad Men (between seasons), and pretty much any show on HBO is gonna be good, but I'll make special note of Treme (soon to enter it's second season, from the creator of the The Wire, which is the best show ever and, to my knowledge, the only show that has it's own course at some major universities and is curriculum material for its class on urban inequality)
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