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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulah View Post
    Oh, S2 was sooooo much better than S1! I started on S2, and then caught up with S1 in re-runs when I ran out of S2 eps. The talent was much, much better the second season than the first. I loved me some Pandora Boxx and Jujubee. I started out liking Raven, but her personality totally ruined it for me.
    Yeah, winner or not -- Pandora deserves to be a big entertainer. She and Juju were easily the best personalities. It's just too bad that Pandora's style couldn't match it; Ru and Santino were so obsessed with runway. Blah.

    I loved Raven's look and talent, but her petty obsession with Tatiana's every blink was so ridiculous. I can't believe it got that bad. That she could even allow it to get that bad. She looked so clearly bitter and envious that I wonder if it was as painful for her to watch as it was for everyone else.

    And geez, how much crap she would talk in confessionals compared to how indirect she was with the actual contestants was incredibly annoying. I thought she turned out to be a nasty, petty, ill-wishing, vindictive asshole (I mean the message that she left Tyra?!). Loved when Tatiana confronted her at the reunion. Eh, though I admit I almost started to like her again when she performed with her drag mother. Almost.

    She really is head and shoulders over everyone else. I love her natural comic sense, and she has creativity to burn. If she doesn't win, something's very wrong.
    Definitely. I sometimes wonder where she would have fit in the second season, though. Actually, I read somewhere that she and Raven are friends (together with Delta too, I believe?) and that kind of makes me... eh. I wonder how someone like Raja can get along with Raven for so long. Or maybe I'm unfairly judging Raven.

    TOTALLY. I really liked Delta until her raging insecurity started coming out and making her into an unbearable bitch. But I like her onstage. I was kind of thinking they'd bring her back last week. I'm so torn with Shangela! I kind of like her, but she's done her share of backstabbing, too, and she's not ready to be the winner of this competition--BUT, she is a natural performer. I bet she'd be fun to watch in cabaret.
    I just don't like her pot stirring, her pouncing and then backpedaling, her use of "realness" as an excuse to attack others, or the fact that she constantly asks for help but brags about how talented and accomplished she is exactly as frequently. Other than those things I actually like her, funnily enough. I was such a fan during S1 and thought she deserved to stay over Mystique (though Mystique was incredibly entertaining [for the wrong reasons]).

    Carmen is kind of the Tatiana of this season, and I kind of liked Tatiana. I mean, they're not the performers that the others are, but having the physical aspect sewn up isn't a liability, to me. It just seems to bring out the cattiness, envy and stabbiness in other contestants. (Note: I had to wiki s2 to remember Tatiana's name, and they list everyone's real name. Did you know Jujubee's real first name is AIRLINE?)

    I kind of feel like Yara + Alexis Mateo = Jessica Wild. I like both Yara and Alexis, personality-wise. And I like Manila, performance-wise. But Raja is definitely the standout!
    I always thought it was amusing that her real name is Airline
    Airline, David, and James (?) are the only real names that I'm sure about remembering, though.

    & I adore Manila, I don't know how I managed to forget to mention her...

    Ha, for better or worse I've associated them all with people (or blends of people, ha) from last season at one point.

    Raja = Raven - most of the character flaws
    Stacy + Mimi Imfurst = Mystique
    Carmen = Tatiana
    Phoenix = Morgan + Sonique
    Mariah = Tyra
    Manila = Juju + Sahara

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulah View Post
    I'll be the only one in this thread that isn't enamored of House. .
    Make that two of us.

    Mad Men
    Breaking Bad
    The office reruns
    Pawn Stars
    Ancient aliens or any other documentaries on History/discovery/TLC/NatGeo/Travel
    Like some HGTV shows too based around housing
    Frontline and Globe Trekker are PBS favs.
    Type 6w5 sp/so/sx I think..I have not fully explored this and just discovered it.

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    House ( I'm a sucker for blue eyes)
    Big bang theory
    True blood (I'm a sucker (ahahah) for blue eyes)
    Game of thrones (not out yet but I looooooove the books)
    Americas next top model (I lose at least ten brain cells watching it.)
    Star trek tng reruns on bbca (which is ridiculous because I have the entire series on DVD)

    Cooking network
    Pony network

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