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    I wonder what would happen if I somehow managed to turn myself inside out. Would my body speak of a different history that others couldn't see? Would my mind speak the same ideas and thoughts? Everything we do, our actions, thoughts, projections, come from the inside and we chose the story we tell to the world. If we allow the outside in and turn ourselves out, would we then begin to tell the story of the world back to itself? Where would we exist? Outside. But then outside of what?

    Outside of the world.

    I actually wrote a lot more detail and theory, but then once again I accidentally hit the back button so I just re wrote the summary. Sorry guys will try to do better next time. Also, I am not really a writer but I think this would be an interesting exercise for me. Lol.

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    We'd all say what we think. That would be pretty fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guesswho View Post
    I wrote it after I watched the Hubble documentary
    You are full of win!

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