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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmie Dearest View Post
    It's easily his worst film.
    I disagree and name 'Killer's Kiss' instead.

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    I don't think it's one of his best, but it's still very good. I like it more every time I watch it.

    Then again, I think The Shining sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killjoy View Post
    I don't think it's one of his best, but it's still very good. I like it more every time I watch it.

    Then again, I think The Shining sucks.
    This, on both counts.

    What I like about Eyes Wide Shut is that the major theme is one that intrigues even the smallest bit of succumbing to temptation can have repercussions both significant and enduring. How the fantasy world and the real world are both fine as long as they are separated, but if joined can cause calamity. It makes you think about how the only way to truly preserve your character is to be flawless, because the tiniest stain is as hard to get out as the largest. Yet none of us are flawless, so what is the true measure of character? These are the questions this movie raises for me, and I think it's effective in exploring them. Could it be better? Sure. But I don't think it's either boring or bad.
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    I really liked it. I think Tom was quite a good choice for it too, at least in that he represents what I think he was supposed to well. I also think part of the point was to make all of that sex unsexy.
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    I just watched the movie. I liked the slow pace of the movie. Didn't like the ending because it didn't feel like an ending.

    Am I not classy enough to appreciate the movie?

    I liked the movie but what the fuck was it supposed to be about - a secret society which takes part in orgies? So what???

    Fuck you director of the movie.
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    lots of foreplay, no climax for me.
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    I liked it when I saw it years ago at the theatre. It's a contextual thing I think. At the time it came out there was nothing like it so it was fresh. Now we have all sorts of movies which kind of touch on similar subjects.
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    Despite the cold, bare orgy scenes, the colours used in the other scenes were sensual. The dreamlike atmosphere captured my attention, the entire film felt like a long inescapable dream. The colours red, yellow and blue were a motif and he even combined as can be seen in the prostitute's purple dress (for AIDS).

    Some people say he used the colours red, white, and blue to represent the national colours and hidden societies (illuminate etc.).

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