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    Quote Originally Posted by LunaLuminosity View Post
    Yes, I would like to be able to go to the movies alone. Too bad the one time I asked to do that, I wasn't allowed to because "only weirdos do that." But it doesn't make much of a difference to me anyway. I can't really interact with anyone during the movie. I suppose it is interesting to hear the people's reactions to the movie, but I can do that with anyone who is in the theater. And it's actually kind of better for me not to be too close to anyone because sometimes I can't help but burst out laughing about something that was only mildly amusing to 99% of the moviegoers

    So, I like to enjoy the movie for the movie, and then seek others who have seen that movie for that whole "connection" part. I don't see the connection in the theater itself.
    Your parents would think I am a terrible weirdo.
    I was a child in the 50s.
    I must have gone hundreds of times to the movies alone by the end of the 50s.
    I do not remember asking permission a single time to go to the movies, or to leave the house in general.
    I just left. If I was ever asked where I'd be going, I said: Out.
    My father was probably only happy I left, coz he was a nervous ISTJ who loved his peace and quiet.
    He did not mind weirdos, though

    Now you have two new experiences to look forward to in life .. one day you will be free to go to the movies alone. Think of that.
    Then dispell the truth to your parents.
    See their expression change!
    Their own grown child! What a weirdo!

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    I've done it once before. Didn't mind it. I think it's stupid how there are certain actvities where it's only socially appropriate or normal to be with someone else/others - like going to the movies. I can't think of a better activity to do on your own... You're watching a damn movie, not socializing.

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    I go to movies alone frequently. I do many things alone because I do not like having my interests stymied by the mere fact of solitude. I went to a Suzanne Vega concert on my own and couldn't find the entrance (haha one definite advantage of a companion) but I ran into the stage crew and one of them got me on the guest list for a 2nd row seat. I stuck around afterwards and this guy brought me to meet the artist, and I got to go on the tour bus. It was all very much fun. I also, ahem, got an offer to ride with them back to New York which I declined. I never regret going to anything by myself, though I would prefer a companion to talk about the experience with.
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    sok. i prefer to go with a fella though. then i don't have to buy my own popcorn.

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    Yes, most of my life is alone. I enjoy movies alone.

    However, recently joined a group which has the purpose of seeing movies together to see what that is like.

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    Yes. If I wanna see something, I'll go. It's not a social experience, in fact talking is downright discouraged, so I don't know why we feel like it's weird for us to do it alone. Is it so much more enriching to not be able to sit next to but not be able to really see or talk to someone you know?

    I don't like torrenting for two reasons a) shit quality and b) if I want them to keep making movies I like, usually movies that aren't awful special-effects-a-thons, there's an implicit contract that audience spends money on them. Transformers 3 is the highest grossing movie of the year so far (I imagine Harry Potter will change that soon, but the point stands). Twilight brings in big bucks. So they natural response is "Oh, let's make more movies like Twilight and Transformers. More remakes, more sequels." Meanwhile half the audience for movies that are at all original or subtle movies just says "I'll watch it online" and then wonder why there isn't more good movies coming out*.

    *sometimes I will watch movies online, but pretty much exclusively older or very hard to find stuff, like maybe something that doesn't get released anywhere but NY and LA and barely gets a DVD release.
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    I've been to the movies on several occasions alone, I don't really care what people think of it...if I desire to watch a movie...I'll go watch the movie, it's just not a social stigma that has phased me. I do like going to the movies with friends, but I'll also enjoy the film alone just the same.

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    I prefer going to the movies alone. And I prefer going most places alone. In fact, the only reason I might go out with other people is for the free ride (gas is so expensive). However, I usually regret it because I have to get stuck tagging along with the things they want to do. This is so annoying, in fact, that I'd ultimately rather spend money on gas so that I don't have to feel trapped.

    The only kind of public place I don't like going to alone is a restaurant, for some reason.

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    I enjoy going to the movies alone.

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    Yes, I enjoy going to movies alone. However, most times, I'm accompanied by a friend or two. If I'm accompanied by someone else, it's usually because we wanted to hang out in the first place and seeing a movie was the most viable option. Films are easy to access; we can download them or rent them at our leisure. If I'm going to see a movie for the movie's sake, I doubt I would take a friend because a friend would only mitigate the enjoyment of the movie itself. Granted, there are times when they can provide canned laughter or commentary along with a surrounding audience. Looking back, it seems like the movies I saw in theaters were the ones that were burned into my memory a bit more. Maybe it's due to the size of the screen and the scope of the entire experience.

    Hanging out with others is preferable in most cases, though. I enjoy bouncing ideas around afterward; it turns into a bonding thing.

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