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    Quote Originally Posted by EffEmDoubleyou View Post
    I really value seeing a movie in the theater, too...I think movies are a communal experience and I love that vibe of everyone gasping together or laughing together. It's kind of a solitary group experience, if you will. It kind of bums me out that so many people watch movies on the internet. It's like listening to a symphony on a crackly transistor radio with crappy headphones.

    One of my extended family is fifteen and she's literally never seen a movie in a theater. She and her friends are all about Redbox and Netflix. It wigs me out. I don't think she's ever listened to an 'album' in her life either, she just buys singles off iTunes. *shudder*
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    I do like it. If you always need to bring yourself someone with you to the movies if you want to see one, you become way too dependent on other people. So what if nobody else wants to see the movie? Then you DON'T see it? Come on, in that case you're probably a pussy with some serious dependancy problem. Besides, if you look stupid, it's all about how you present yourself. If you show that you're a dependent pussy who's ashamed of being in the theater all alone, yes, then you look fucking stupid. If you show that you're having a great time and that you're quite confident instead of ashamed, you actually might even look fucking awesome and independent. It's all about pre-sen-ta-tion. Duhh.
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    Hm. I don't think I've ever done it before. I do like going out to eat by myself sometimes. I think I could like going to the cinema alone too. Maybe I will try it...
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    People are distracting... so it depends on whether I want to be distracted or not.
    Majority of the time I just go to the movies by myself...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gloriana View Post

    One of my extended family is fifteen and she's literally never seen a movie in a theater. She and her friends are all about Redbox and Netflix. It wigs me out. I don't think she's ever listened to an 'album' in her life either, she just buys singles off iTunes. *shudder*
    Ugh!! Now I know why people look at me funny because I still call music stores "record stores"!

    Anyway I used to go to movies alone when I was in the Navy and under 21. Most of my friends were older and abler to go to clubs and bars. The theater on base was usually all people alone who were either under 21 also or just people passing time. I have never gone alone since but I don't know why since usually when I'm w/ someone I tell 'em to hush up so I can watch the movie!
    That being said, since this is mostly an anonymous forum (I know one person) I guess I can admit that the last time I went to a movie in a theater was "Lethal Weapon 3". Ya, I guess I'm not a big movie person.
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    I hate going to the movies alone. I need to be cushioned from the rest of the audience by a buffer of human warmth, and I need a hand to clutch on to at moments of emotional excess.

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    I do and I think its the best way to go to the Cinema, you can get food without worrying about it getting accidentially spilled when its being shared and can give the movie your full attention. I dont like or get the whole group entertainment thing in which people cheers, toss popcorn at each other or the screen, mexican wave or talk through the picture, its like a stadium sporting event or a circus when that happens but I get people telling me that I should sit at home and wait on the DVD release if that's what I'm interested in.
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    I don't like to, but I usually do. It's often just not worth trying to schedule it with other people. Too much effort, not enough reward.

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    I used to do that as a little kid, when I couldn't be bothered to see if my friends could come and desperately wanted to see it.
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    I've often gone to the cinema alone. When I do go alone, I find I actually enjoy it more. When I want to see a film, I'll go see it. I'm not that active in finding someone to come with, though I'll always offer if someone finds that I'm going and seems keen.

    It's interesting that when I go alone, I'm more aware of the other people in the cinema who are also watching the film alone. More than not they spot me out too and give me a smile.

    I remember when I went to see Inception, it was before some appointment of mine and the first session of the day on a weekday. There were only 3 people in the cinema, including myself, and all of us had come to see it alone. We actually ended up sitting together and talking about it afterwards.

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