Have any of you guys (or gals) played X3: Terran Conflict?
I've got it downloading right now, on the assumption that it will have difficult controls, massive areas to explore, and semi-realistic econometrics and combat. Also got the impression it was like EVE Online without all those pesky people and poorly-spelled guilds and factions.

Am I right in this assumption? Hopefully so.

Also, does anyone enjoy space sims as much as I do? I'm talking classics that range from the horribly superman-complex-ridden Star Lancer to the fun Sid Meiers feel of GalCiv II to the excellent-but-empty Sins of a Solar Empire. Always looking for other classics to eventually add to my inventory... I love empire games.

My personal favorite has to be Freelancer, however. It does big and personal at the same time, and had a perfectly-ignorable but totally awesome campaign.