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    I remember that I used to be fond of playing championship manager. I recruited a lot of youngsters to develop further into a star player. When I played, I used to sell the current star player in the football club so that I managed to raise money. The latest champhionship manager that I played is Championship Manager 2008. In the game, I could bring a low division club like Nottingham Forrest to Premier Division from the Second Division. I brought them further to win the champhion league.
    Let see whether I still remember the youngsters name in CM 2008: Anthony Van Den Borre, Belgium, position, right back/full back. I bought him from Anderlecht. Vincent Kompany, A Belgian, Center Back. I bought him grom Anderlecht. Danielle Dessena, an Italian, Holding Midfielder, Aiden Mc Geady, Scottish, Arda Turan, A Turkish, position Left Winger, Giovanni, Brazil, position Right Winger.

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    The order of preference for your cognitive functions appears to be
    Ne > Ti > Te = Ni > Fi > Fe = Se > Si

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    Battlefield 3 PS3.

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    I have a lot of great memories of The Great Escape on the ZX Spectrum and C64 and Wizball on those systems too.

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    the next VG Ive got my eye on is Jurassic World Evolution. I'll be waiting for it to go down in price a good bit, but its got some good cheats out for it so I might only wait for a month or two. At the very least I'll wait till I'm done redecorating the house.

    I'm hoping there are some interesting mods that are devloped while Im anticipating this game for myself.

    I've always enjoyed games like this. And moreover, I probably love dinosaurs more than humans. I'm looking forward to building a successful park as eccentric visionary Jack Malcolm, and estranged son of Dr Ian Malcolm. I will make a glorious dinosaur themed park, and then honor my father's legacy and my grand vision by developing humanities perfect apex predator. And then...I shall unleash them upon the earth. From my islands, an army of dinosaurs shall spread across the world, they shall be fruitful and multiply. Finally placing mankind in the active ecosystem again. The streets shall run red with the blood of the cow people masses. Cities will burn, civilizations will fall; technology will fail as dinosaurs once again rule the earth. But it will not be, as some might expect, the end. Humanity will live on, for I will create a race of hybrids to bridge the gap between human and dinosaur.
    And when the trees and new dinsuaric eden I shall create is aesthetically pleasing enough, they shall find the huddled masses of humanity hiding in the lush green ruins of cities, and teach them the ways of the dinorider.

    The Sleeper must awaken...

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    My favourite video game is pokemon ultra shiny gold sigma and this game is very interesting.

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    I'd play literally anything right now to rescue me from this unbearable boredom.
    *taps fingers on table*

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    Injustice 2, Swtor, Dragon Age Inquisition, Mass Effect, any story focused choice based or fighting type stuff tends to be my favorite. Especially if they combine the two.
    House: Slytherin
    DnD Allignment: True Neutral/Chaotic Neutral
    Tritype: 9w8, 4w3, 6w7 ?? The "referee", The "Aristocrat", The "Buddy" - cute names
    Instinct: Sx/So - Symbolism

    Seeker, Researcher, My intrigue is with the nature of the world and the humans in it. As well as myself. I collect info, struggle, fascinate, pick apart, learn grow, evolve, skip from one to another. I hope to one day share this data in a purposeful way that positively influences people/the world.

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