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pretty woman- roy orbison
me and julio down by the schoolyard- simon and garfunkle
anything by bicycle thief.. i love them
redemption song- bob marley
hand in my pocket- alanis morrisette
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Most Tom Petty songs are only three or four uncomplicated chords.

I think Horse with No Name by America only has two chords the whole time.

Handle with Care, by the Traveling Wilburys (love that song)

Southern Cross, by Crosby, Stills & Nash
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rolling stones - paint it black
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Put your guitar in drop-D tuning and play nothing but power chords. It's super easy and anyone who doesn't know better will think you're amazing.

Foo Fighters - Everlong is easy.
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Here's a good one then, one of my absolute favorites. It has a Bm barre chord. Chords are G, Am7, Bm, C, F, D

Wild Horses - Rolling Stones.
Thanks everyone