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    My weak point is my hands, knees and my feet. I've got strong hands and feet, but they never grow much you know.
    They're normal size and pretty strong for it, but they just never measure up to how heavy and strong I am.
    If I punch someone, I will most probably break a few fingers because the force that drives the hand is really strong, but the hand is just regular.
    Same thing with running, I really suck at that. I can jog for 20-25 minutes, but then i'm spent, and it might even be harmful to my knees and feet if I do it too often.
    None of these things are in the way if I just go about my life as usual.
    When I did the testing before army service I got 9/9 (that's the scale used) in relative body strength.
    Considering that I am much stronger now, and I weigh less, I would have been really far off scale.

    Right now i'm actually trying hard to lose both fat and muscle weight. Lots of cardio training, no recovery meal directly after working out + changed everyday routines.
    I feel like I need to lose it because I don't want to be a cripple when i'm 70.
    Took the first bike ride of the year today... That's going to help immensely, now that the weather won't kill me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Santtu View Post
    Tell me a story about your muscle development and what you think it means in terms of psychology and in the terms of a story.
    I'm beefy all over, there is no comparison to my thunder thighs considering that I never did anything to obtain such fine specimens. Psychology? It's possible my brain is beefy as well. Story? I will probably have beefy children...and the rest is history.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shimmy View Post
    ... my back muscles are surprisingly strong as well.
    One would think that rowing has something to do with that.

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    I'm a terrible distance runner too YLJ.

    A pretty good sprinter though.
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    im a female, and i used to be a swimmer for like...14 years i think. yeah and I also am a rower. I've been in rowing for almost 7 years... holy wow thats a while haha but i did four years of swimming elite levels and rowing. I'm like 5ft 11 and I have a huge rib cage/ torso apparently and pretty much a massive set of shoulders ... haha Its an odd frame but apparently wicked for those sports haha. Unfortunately not soo attractive ahh well. But yeah I would say my shoulders and ribs are pretty large. they are like 22-23 inches across from one shoulder to the other haha for a girl I hear its wide. ahh welll, I use what my momma gave me... in this case it was my dads side.

    haha hes 6 ft 5 and i think his shoulders are like 27 inches across, he used to be a wrestler in university and everything haha .... genetics

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