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    Quote Originally Posted by developer View Post
    I like Atlantis, but I watch it only occasionly.

    Uber, if you watch this more regularly, what type do you think is Dr. Weir ?
    Actually, I don't watch it regularly. I just happened to flip it on one day and started watching it. At the time, my mind felt empty and I needed inspiration to fill up the well. I tend to like it better because of its space battles -- and it's one of the few TV shows still on the air that has them.

    I also love the battles in Battlestar Galactica, they were designed by the same company that worked on the effects for Firefly and Serenity, both of which I, of course, also enjoy.

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    I used to really dig SG-1, before I started feeling as if I'd seen these episodes before--but with better people and dialogue. I managed to cling half-heartedly until the whole Merlin plotline started, and then I had to dump it.

    Atlantis was okay for me in the beginning, but it dropped off and FAST.

    I fell asleep watching Battlestar. I was really disappointed after all my sci-fi friends hyped it so much. And Enterprise...? That is seriously the butthole of the Star Trek body of work.

    Now Firefly/Serenity, that's the good stuff.
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