I've always loved poker. Its also a great INTx activity that comes naturally. I've just always been instinctualy good at card games.

I used to play with friends/co-workers and for the stakes we played I made very good returns on a regular basis. I tried online poker, but found the randomness, not very random (too many flushes and river beats and "hot seats", plus proven cases of cheating/colluding/hacking). It can be a time suck too, so I sort of just withdrew my $ and shelved it.

That brings me to my question. I live near some casinos now that have recently opened poker rooms and I am wanting to give a a go, but I know it might be intimidating and higher stakes than I am used to. I actually prefer limit cash games to the tourneys or no limit hold em craze. I've never played poker in a casino too..just blackjack and a little roulette.

I've been reading up on some forums and the "pros" and regulars say there are lots of bad players at all stake levels and are making money 90% of the time in some cases. I think I could do this, but as always, like to gather as much information as possible. I'm wondering if other here have experience at poker rooms?
If so, have any tips for a first timer? I've been reading online, but the more real experience the better.

I know from others posts that I will need to play a bit higher stakes to beat the rake. That makes sense. I play fairly tight and conservatively and loosen up when I get ahead. I've read a few stories about people colluding at tables too, but the regulars seem to do a good job of pointing them out and alerting the staff. Same stuff you have to worry about online.