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    Default Post songs you've written here

    An experimental piece I did:

    Summer Afternoon

    Feel free to comment.


    “Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings -- always darker, emptier and simpler.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Something I've been working on the past few days:


    This is best heard at a moderately loud volume; the master is intended to be dynamic and uncompressed, and by consequence, is slightly quieter than average.

    It's about as poorly mixed as you might expect a project with roughly four days work input from a know-nothing to be.
    Guitar and bass is recorded (by me :0 ), drums were programmed (also by me :0 ) - thinking of having a shredder capable friend add a lead guitar track (or four...) sometime in the next couple of days, just for yucks, and to see if I can get it to sit in the mix at all.

    Feedback greatly appreciated.
    INTP 4w5 SX/SP
    Tritype 4/5/8

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuriousFeeling View Post
    An experimental piece I did:

    Summer Afternoon

    Feel free to comment.
    "Requiem Of Reason."

    "From the moment of our inception, it was decided that our corruption was to be permanent. Bloodshed and greed were the customs that fueled our heartless nature, and proceeded to birth our acceptance unto the normality of our own destruction. There was never a kill switch to dismiss these behaviors, which in turn allowed them to spread among our populace as a disease. But be not mistaken, this was not a disease of the body, but of the soul, and of the heart. Compassion, respect and equality are terms foreign to humankind, caused by elimination of those who believed in a life that had no flaws, no imperfections, merely simplicity, that relied only on our capacity to understand and interpret what we cannot fathom within our darkest pandemonium of confusion. This key aspect was thrown to the fires with intelligence and reason, as violence and hatred were adopted as methods to control and to conquer. Humankind was divided, stripped of its equality, and banished within the realms of conflict and inability to unite as one. With this division came the slaughter of men and women for the tones of their skin, their dialects, their beliefs, and their morals. A system was devised to explain the creation of mankind as it is forlornly known in the world of today. This system was known as rewriting the past, a means to an end used to accomplish murder without thought of suspicion, and all loose ends were slain to protect this blind ideal. But this system never accounted for the ones that lost their lives, the ones that announced reason and prospect for peace, and were annihilated and denounced from existence in the face of the story created by corrupted men to cover the tracks of unjust acts against their own kind. This in turn created tension that bled into hatred, and humanity grew further disconnected. The fabrics of stability had long since unfolded, but it was not until labels had been adopted to discriminate against falsely invented categorizations for those that lived that turmoil had begun. The humanity that had once emerged is torn, and to this day fights and kills one another under the ideal that we’re not equal, and that the ones who were silenced and fell upon deaf ears, the ones who could have saved our species from becoming forsaken did not exist. The corruption that had been introduced so early within our hearts forbids us from the exemption of death. It is far too late to save humankind, therefore one by one we will all rot and decay, until there is one less than the last of them all. We are the definition of our downfall."

    The world as we know it lies entombed beneath the ashes of time, as the fires of the end incinerate everything in vain. The wasteland that we’ve created is all that’s left to be, and in this betrayal of ourselves and this world is the result of a broken unity. The dissension of the skies and the bloodstained soil are the remnants of pain defined, and of reason to sympathize at the evidence we‘ve allowed our morals to die. After all, it was only a matter of choices, a matter of life or death, and we’ve run out of time to decide. But how foolish we were to believe that these matters could be handled by men with corrosive ideals and a vainglorious desire for power that couldn’t be rivaled by the most vile of creatures. This apocalyptic ruination is not a disaster of nature, nor a catastrophe of the universe, but rather the symbolization that mankind has annihilated all chances of hope for the environment that granted it life, and that there is no business to be done on a dead planet, and no justice without suffrage for those responsible. As the livelihood of a prosperous world perishes, maybe humanity could benefit from witnessing the very peril that plagued itself, that was never cured.

    The screams of the men and women, along with their children in the distance are the only sounds to be heard, and their voices cry out for mercy that will never be given. The blood of the innocent stains our hands, and it could never be washed away with the purification of the most forgiving, because in this moment, there is not the slightest hint of guilt for the cause that continues by command. In their wrongdoings, the picture we painted long ago of peace and a paradisaical world has since eroded, and a scourge has taken its place.

    In knowing that this was the end, was it a mistake to try to repair a fate we knew could not be escaped? For the knowledge was existent that our efforts were for nothing, but yet we persisted to save which was already destroyed. If we had pushed our misconceptions aside and not allowed for our hatred to divide us, we could’ve lived, we could’ve found salvation, as one. In our darkest hours of survival, can we not find the will to relinquish the ideals that brought us to suffer these tragedies? We’ve allowed these diseased ideals to become our lifeline, and we can no longer be devoid of hate, if even to save ourselves.

    The world didn’t need an apocalypse to tear ourselves apart, because we’ve held within our hearts for so long, a deathwish in regard, and now the countdown has begun to a lifeless earth, and to the end."

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    Here, sing my song along to this;


    "oh my god...
    we re-wrote this"

    welcome to the ghetto
    we got what you need
    we know every single dealer
    so today we deal you weed
    but if today you find I'm unkind
    then find the bitch who crossed me
    you lookin' for some more to smoke
    yet nothin' comes for free

    in the ghetto
    welcome to the ghetto
    now your ass is gonna, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, choke, choke,
    I, I wanna see that dick croak

    welcome to the ghetto
    the ghetto where we blaze
    the cops don't care
    so we don't go so us dealers gotta raise
    n' she's got a very nice ass
    that's a nice ass to me
    but that ass was in S.W.9
    n' now we see Tweety
    in the ghetto
    grief in Heath better let go
    let go, let, let, let go of me
    y'know... you just another fucker'ree

    welcome to the ghetto
    summers we live out on the street
    we really don't give a fuck
    at any sucker who brings their heat
    n' it's all true what we say
    said I've seen it yesterday
    Ricky was the king of Bricky
    but then Shannel blew his ass away


    in the ghetto
    welcome to the ghetto
    now your ass is gonna, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, choke, choke,
    I, I wanna see that dick croak

    when they come, they come to, they come to bust my fun
    my fun my fun my fun...
    ...TID! (rarted)

    you know how this life goes
    it's death by me or an S.T.D
    so why you wanna try
    in the ghetto
    welcome to the ghetto
    now your ass is gonna, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, choke, choke,
    in the ghetto
    welcome to the ghetto
    watch her, her, her,
    her from S.W.9
    welcome to the ghetto
    now your ass is gonna, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, choke, choke,
    only in the ghetto
    welcome to the ghetto
    now your ass is...
    your ass is mine

    My own personal Welcome to the Jungle I wrote when I was 19.

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