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    Default Stratastencil

    Javan Ivey

    Very cool animation style based on paper cutouts. Evidently, each frame is an added layer on top. It's based on another similar style called stratacut, in which a layer is taken away with each frame. Supposedly, stratacut was used in Peter Gabriel's video Big Time, although I think it was interspersed with generous helpings of traditional claymation.

    To me, the attention and precision involved in a project like this is mind-boggling. This is to say nothing of the talent. I can barely sketch a horrible kitty for my son.
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    When I see stuff like this I used to get a punch in the stomach telling me I should/should have go/gone to art school and dove into to it. I have been interested in animation for a long time. But, when I watched that clip, I don't feel such a yank anymore! So I guess I don't care as much about silly dreams and desires! Wait...that's not a good thing.

    Thanks for the share.
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