While being a nerd on our family trip to Vegas, I caught the tail end of this documentary on TV. In a Hooters hotel no less. Ironic? Nah.

Please Vote For Me

You can say it's about childhood, about social dynamics, about communism, or democracy: but I think I can uncheesily say it's really about the human condition and universal themes. Basically, kids really, really, really want something and are still children [human] even if when they are forced to act grownup.

At the end when the losers bawl their eyes out, I think, DAMN, I've felt like that before!!! And recently too. I just want to give all those kids a big fat sloppy hug.

More info on the documentary here.

The official synopsis is: "Eight-year-old children compete for the position of class monitor in the first school election of its kind held in China. Aided and abetted by parents and teachers, the young candidates reveal the nature of democracy in a rapidly changing country."

But the actual film is MUCH more interesting and engaging than that dry intro.

Personally, I thought the docu was very human. Meaning very entertaining. Me likey.