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Thread: Profitable Art?

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    Default Profitable Art?

    So, since I'm having the best of luck landing a job, I'm going to depend on my artistic abilities as well to make some profit. I know a couple of years ago I sold a couple of reproductions for a few hundred bucks, which wasn't bad, but I wanted to do something different this time.

    What kind of paintings usually sell better than others? (Would it be still lifes, landscapes, repros etc.)

    I was thinking of doing a beach-themed/nautical still life painting (as those are pretty popular around here), and then another one, but I haven't decided what sort of painting I should do.

    Any advice?

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    I think a lot of it is in the marketing. I have no clue about the specific methods of selling art, but I would imagine that, like with most things, establishing usefull connections is a good start. Maybe you can just walk in a art gallery and make some sort of friendly conversation/sales pitch with the owner. Again, I don't really know how art is marketed specifically, but it seems like a logical step to me.

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    Subjects related to your locale. It depends on if there's any motif or history to draw upon where you live, but people seem to like that sort of thing. I know a couple who are both painters, and while the husband is pretty successful in his own right and gets to fly around and have shows elsewhere, his wife paints a lot of nostalgic cowboy/rodeo related paintings (I'm in Texas btw). She also makes good money painting murals for restaurants or residential areas. Her stuff is very cool and still has a personal style to it, so you need not have to sell out in order to cater to something.

    Of course, you could set painting to the side, and try some other avenue. I wish I was a good visual artist because there's so many ways to go about it. My brother is a painter as well, but he branched off into multimedia, flash games, and web design just before it became a really competitive industry (mid/late 90s). You could find a niche like that. My neighbor is a painter, but works on commision as an illustrator. He does a lot of those pictures that illustrate word problems in school textbooks. "Jimmy has 4 apples. Susy has 5. Tracy has 1. Susy and Jimmy each give Tracy...."

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