I want to get some more DS games before they get phased out and start to become harder to find. I'm particularly considering Advance Wars and Super Scribblenauts.

I particularly would like to hear some testimony about Advance Wars Duel Strike or Days of Ruin or whatever its called. Are they excellent? Or are they only good for a specific kind of audience that I may not necessarily be part of or whatever?

I currently own:
Both Zelda games
Kirby Canvas Curse
Mario Kart
Phoenix Wright 1 and 2
Hotel Dusk
Yoshi's Island
Star Fox
Mario 64DS
I'm about to get Sonic Rush, too

I love platforming games obviously, but I do enjoy other things. With Advance Wars I'm interested in the military strategy stuff... I love the miniclip game Canyon Defense, and i love RTS... I thought something like that might be worth a shot too!

And feel free to recommend or discuss anything else!