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View Poll Results: Can Madonna be compared to Michael Jackson?

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  • No way! MJ was a talent we won't be seeing for years to come.

    5 83.33%
  • MJ is nothing compared to Madonna. She's much more diverse and far more driven.

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  • They are the King and Queen of pop, no doubt.

    1 16.67%

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    Default King vs. Queen of pop

    I had an argument with my brother whether Michael Jackson was a musical genius without a comparison. I argued that even thought he was phenomal, Madonna is somewhat equal to him in terms of greatness.

    So the question is not which one is better, but if Madonna draws comparison to MJ. I think it's a matter of opinion which one of them is better, but I think that they both are somewhat equal in terms of greatness.
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    MJ was pretty great in the Jackson 5 and into the 80's. I guess he could get all the credit in the world for that, but little he did afterwards stuck with me, personally. Madonna otoh could probably do it for as long as she wants.

    I think Bowie is cooler than both though.

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    IMO, Madonna is a marketing and image genius, but not so much a musical one. Her songs don't even really matter so much. You could really only compare her to MJ in terms of popularity.
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    i thought MJ was the queen of pop
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