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    They've recently created an attachment so the camera will register things in smaller spaces so you don't need a canyon to play in anymore. I think that might make me more willing to enjoy it.
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    I have this but I haven't done much with it.... eep!

    I am planning on getting the kids game where it turns them into animals on screen. I think my nieces will get a kick out of it.

    Also - the most alarming thing about the Kinect is the fact that YOU REALLY NEED TO BE WEARING LOTS OF CLOTHES when you use it. So uh yeah...

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    I've had mine for a while, but haven't played since January. I liked it. It had some adventure game that came with it, and I got the Zumba Fitness game. It's a cool functionality, but the things that did suck about it were going off screen easily when playing with 2 people, and if anyone walked in front of your game it would need to re-assess the players.
    Beyond that, I think it's good. Course, I like games that are interactive and provoke movement. Unlike the wii, you can't just sit down and fake it.

    Really need to set it up again.
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    a small ipad like fad is possible, I don't see it happening yet, but they're really pushing it out there with E3. It seems really stupid to me though, the content is always more important than packaging, and Kinect seems like something with flashy packaging but no good content. (I think I'm getting a little tired and hazy, words aren't coming to me anymore )
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