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    Default game console memory: what does it do?

    Can anyone explain what game console memory does, and in particular why games need to load content onto the console but you still need the disk to play the game? Is the console only saving your "save progress", or is it actually downloading executable or whatever gaming files as well? What happens when the console memory is smaller than what the game [or at least its PS3 version] claims it needs?

    Several games require 3-4GB each on the PS3, but for the xbox360 versions the games only list the save memory required. For the 200$ xbox360 that has all of 2GB how do they play a 5GB game? Does the PS3 store content to the console while the xbox360 doesnt?

    I've had a PS3 for years now, and its 60GB are mostly full, especially with all these new 5-6GB games coming out. I recently got a xbox360 250GB halo reach edition. I'm thinking about buying mostly xbox360 versions for games that are on both consoles.

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    My very simple understanding is that downloading memory onto your console speeds up load times within the game. I've encountered several games that give the choice of whether or not you want to download content onto your console. Obviously these games can run either way. However there are some games that make the download mandatory.
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    My limited knowledge falls in line with LL's up there^. Some games really do run faster when they're installed vs. being read on a disc.

    One theory that I have is that if a game is fully installed onto a platform, the system might not "read" the disc, but will still need it in its system as a preventative measure against piracy. I know some PC games that are like this (Fallout 3, Elder Scrolls 4, Guitar Hero 3,) but I'm not sure if this is the case for consoles.
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    It's installing audio files, models, and textures. Stuff that are typically large files you are retrieving often. It essentially creates a small database on the console to improve how quickly the game can update, thus improving the quality of the player's experience. The mechanics of the game aren't installed. So the instructions of how the game works are from the disk but the data to create the images and sounds you see and hear are installed onto the console. Piracy is one issue but it sounds like you are talking about games that aren't fully installing.
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