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    Default Anyone watching Cinemassacre's Monster Movie Marathon

    In the run up to Halloween the Angry Video Game Nerd is doing a monster movie marathon and posting the videos on facebook and his site, anyone following?

    I got to say I'm loving it so far and have spent today catching up after missing some while I didnt have my laptop access to the net, although I find his arcerbic wit hard to follow sometimes, does he or doesnt he like the movie and is he or isnt he recommending it?

    The only major difference I'd have with him so far is Seven Golden Vampires, I love that movie and only just discovered that its back in circulation again and I'm planning on getting it from Amazon, sure its garbage from the martial arts vogue which Hammer in their dying breaths tried to hijack for sales but so what?

    I love all the black and white and fifties reviews that he's done, I've only recently started buying them and some of them have aged well actually, specifically the thing without a face which has creepy, crawly brain monsters which need to be shot up or hacked up with an axe.

    Some of the movies look messed up to be honest, there's a period in the seventies maybe or eighties when I think films, despite maybe having odd effects, either stop motion toons (Laserblast) or animatronics like Jim Henson (Troll, Ghoulies, Manitou) where scary in a weird ass way or which tripped out too far with shock value tactics (is it summer camp or sleep over something which featured a girl who is exposed as really being a man at the finish?). It definitely was the era of WTF films.

    On the other hand they could still do movies which where slasher horrors but the characters wherent dehumanised or plastic yet, like for instance The Burning which contrasts well with any of the clones which followed (arguably both the Elm St. and Crystal Lake genres).

    They all contrast very well with the bullshit which passes for horror movies now, like paranormal activity, crap, or the whole genre of "torture porn" movies like Saw which just make me want to barf, if only because they actually draw audiences and gross revenue.

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