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    Default Paranormal Activity 2 trailer

    Didn't realize another one was being made, let alone about to release.

    [YOUTUBE="1SSc3bmdd8o"]Paranormal Activity 2[/YOUTUBE]

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    I really enjoyed the first one. Can't wait to see this. I hope I can watch it in a theater with mature adults who don't talk and laugh through the whole thing.

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    The first one sucked. It was boring and not all that scary.

    The second one was BARELY better. Which means it sucked too. I kept a log of my reactions during the movie:

    42 min - First time I was startled. Door slammed behind woman. Bored to tears until this point.
    44 min - Anti-gravity baby in crib made me laugh uncontrollably.
    47 min - Dear god "dad" is a bad actor. (Yelling at daughter for being locked outside)
    56 min - OK, that kitchen thing was cool. (Everything opening)
    64 min - Same shit that happened in Paranormal 1. Tell the ghosts to get some new material. (Girl dragged downstairs)
    73 min - Random screaming while the camera is solid black is a kind of lame technique. =/
    78 min - Ok, thats kind of interesting that the movies are made to intertwine.
    80 min - Oh come the fuck on. (Neck snap)
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    Here's the real trailer.

    [YOUTUBE="vP49A97smbs"]Paranormal Activity 2 Parody[/YOUTUBE]

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    Sigh... The first one didn't scare me at all... apparently, it terrified my personal trainer though. He won't even see the second one. :rolli: I will probably watch the second one, just to see what they try and do this time... Is it the same house?

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    I saw the second one yesterday .. wasn't particularly enjoyable as I'm not scared by films, and the storyline seemed lacking somewhat. Really amusing at times however, how unconvincingly demonic this demon was. :')
    Making a third one would just be ridiculous though.
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    I really liked the first one, I'm not sure why it "sucked" if judged on its own merits -- but a lot of it is what you bring to the viewing. I grew up in a 150-year old house in the country right next to a 250-year-old church, and my room looked out over the ancient graveyard with some stones so old the names were unreadable by that point. I'm not sure whether the full moon or the new moons were the worst: Full moons, you could see light spilling across the cemetary with the long shadows of the tombstones leaving rents in the ground, but in the new moons, since I lived in the country, it was very very black and NOTHING could be seen.

    I can be hypersensitive to stimuli, and I have a very good imagination, so some nights outside walking the dog late, I'd be fine; other nights, I'd be creeped out and dash the 50 yards back to the house as if something were chasing me. And in the house itself, I often walked through it alone in the dark, and I would get freaked out near the attic door or being upstairs when everyone else was downstairs, or with all the typical creaks, settlings, and rustlings that occurred in a house like that. The house wasn't doing things that were particularly abnormal; but my mind couldn't find anything to hold onto to clarify any weird stuff I did hear.

    The movie was that way for me. The first viewing, I had no idea what was going to happen, and so it creeped me out -- my mind was in hyperdrive, waiting for things to happen, and so even minor things made my skin crawl. I'm sorry, maybe a door slamming shut in a film is no big deal because you know it's a film and it's just a stupid door; but if you think something could be out there in the dark, and you're in bed, and the door suddenly slams shut with no breeze... and then you hear thudding and banging in the house that shouldn't be happening.... well, hell, I'd be scared.

    So when I watched it again last night... still creeped me out a bit enough that I hated going downstairs at midnight by myself to make sure all the lights were off and the doors locked... but not as bad as the first time.

    I don't invest a lot of expectations in sequels, though.
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    The end scared the crap out of me though. I got goosebumps and can not enter my basement without running up the stairs.

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    I think if you enjoyed the first one, you'll enjoy the second one. I think, plot-wise, there is a lot more on the table in the second one.. the first one had very little explained storyline, so if you were looking for one, the whole premise was "There's a ghost, and you're all fuct." In the second one, it explains a lot more.

    I'm with Jennifer on this, it creeped me out all the way, for very similar reasons.
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    I watched the first one expecting to be scared, since I'm easily creeped out if not outright scared. I wasn't scared at all, though, and found much of it sort of comical. I thought Blair Witch was crap, too, though. I like the idea of the blurred reality horror/suspense movie, but they never develop the story or the characters enough to make it truly scary. And then they usually make the mistake of showing what the "thing" is, rather than letting the audience imagine it.

    Probably will pass on this one. No, wait. I'll watch it with a Rifftrax.
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