I"m reading, "From Cliche to Archetype", by Marshall McLuhan. You remember Marshall, he's the patron saint of the internet.

I like Marshall because he is optimistic, he has a range that includes the whole world, and he has a new idea every sentence. Many books today have one new idea per book, so Marshall is packed dense. But he never looses his lightness of touch or his aplomb.

And his aplomb was well worth keeping, for although he wrote before the internet was invented, it is as though he wrote for the internet. So if we want to understand what we are doing here today, we look to Marshall.

They say they can't understand him, but he is trying to be clear with every sentence. So I think they say they don't understand him because he is too unsettling, he is too disorientating, and frankly, he is too original.

Better to hang him out to dry and go back to the familiar. I have a family to support, I can't afford new ideas.