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Hi! I revived my interest in wow multiboxing again. This time I set up a 2-graph card computer. I got very fine 5-boxing experience on my last setup, but it was laggy at moments with 80 player battlegrounds. This time I improved the responsiveness of the system significantly to make it faster and more real-time. It was slightly tricky to get the game windows assigned to the correct graph cards, but it could be done.
Make sure to check out the new tool named ISBoxer, it is cheap, easy to use, safe, and quite powerful once you figure out how it works. (especially the fact as to how easy it is to set up and create new teams with) Not to mention its creator is always eager to help people out with problems on dual-boxing.com.

I had a period a few months ago where I started boxing a bit again, but I lost interest in the game alltogether now so stopped again. :p