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    Random: I don't remember ever being read to.

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    This book about a cat who has a crazy cat party every time his owners leave the house. I've been looking for it for years but I can't remember the title of it. Does anyone else remember?

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    I remember some ladybird books, there was one which was a highly abridged retelling of Aladdin, it had one or two sketches of the Geni (I know they are called djinn really), of the ring and off the lamp, which scared me at the time.

    There was one about a huge turnip that it took an entire village to uproot and they made a big soup too.

    I remember another story called Stone Soup, about a guy who's a traveller and he stays with an old woman who says she's going to starve and yet she has a garden which is over grown with vegetables, he says he has a magic stone and puts it in a cauldrine of boiling water and says it will make soup but first he wants to add carrots, then potatoes, then turnip etc. etc. to "season" it, in reality the stone has nothing to do with it but he lets the old woman keep it and the secret of stone soup. I think its a retelling of another story.

    I dont remember all the books, there were lots of others and some which were big, big story books, illustrated, with collected stories in them, I remember some of them were scary, featuring the devil or "mysterious strangers" who passed themselves off as the devil (I know, what the hell like, in a childrens book) I also remember that "The Bottle Imp" was in one of them and those who know will know that's a pretty scary ass story by MR James or Sheridan Le Fau or something.

    I loved the story of Robin Hood, which I recall being way more popular back then, there was a popular TV series and everything, that mythos is probably due a come back soon, the last I recall was the comic reboot Maid Marian, which has Marian in the lead role, Robin as a posh boy history misrepresented and the merry men were like a travelling reagge troop (the UK can be strange, this was a show for children again).

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