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    Default Charles Barkley at the Phillies game

    Anyone been watching this broadcast on TBS today? Colorado at Philly? Announcers are Ernie Johnson (of TNT basketball), Buck Martinez, David Wells, and Charles Barkley.

    I think the conversation between Charles and David Wells has been classic. David Wells just won't leave Chuck alone about being overweight and about his golf swing.

    Wells: said something about Chuck being overweight (for about the 5th time).
    Chuck: I must be REALLY fat for you to think that you're smaller than me.
    Wells: Let's trade shirts right now then. If I put on your shirt, it would look like a dress on me. And if you put on my shirt, you'd just look like a really big guy with a tiny little shirt.
    Chuck: Please don't take your shirt off in public, David. Don't do that to us.


    Wells: You're in the hall of fame, Charles?
    Chuck: Yeah. And I'm going in for a 2nd time with the Dream Team.
    Wells: But, they actually let you in the hall of fame?
    Chuck: Let me? They came looking for me! I'm basketball royalty.
    Wells: Royalty? No you're not!
    Chuck: Hey, I'm just going by what people tell me.

    This stuff went on for the good part of an hour. Wells just would not let the topic go.

    The best part was at the end. The game was in a rain delay and so they said, "Thanks Charles for coming up and visiting us on your day off."
    Chuck: It's been my pleasure. Ernie and Buck, it was good seeing you. And whatever Chubby's name is over there, it was good seeing him too!"
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    The Chuck/Kenny/Ernie Basketball show is the funniest. I've always liked Sir Charles ever since he bounced that basketball off Shaq's head.

    I shoulda caught that game, I caught the one before when the rockies got lit up.
    ...Then I ducked my head and the lights went out, and two guns blazed in the dark;
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