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    --- Te

    Default [ONG BAK]

    [YOUTUBE=""]Ong Bak - Theme.[/YOUTUBE]

    ... Impressive, indeed!

    My little brother had us watch this movie when he discovered it back in July '08 - boasting how skilled that guy, Tony Jaa, is. Turns out he looks almost exactly, like the aged version of my close university friend in my physics classes. He's malaysian, and returned back in malaysia that autumn. Boy, do I miss him - as a good friend; like a brother.

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    Yep, great movie.. Check out his others if you haven't seen em. His stunts are always amazing..


    The Gories!~

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    Well, if anyone (stupid) wrote off Vampire Weekend as a novelty pop-rock act before, they should take a listen to their new album. It's a real progression. They are one of our best rock bands right now.

    [YOUTUBE=bccKotFwzoY]Vampire Weekend - Giving Up the Gun[/YOUTUBE]
    Who wants to try a bottle of merc's "Extroversion Olive Oil?"

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    Laugh at me all you will. I am a church musician.

    YouTube - Libera - Onward Christian Soldiers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maya View Post
    I love music, and when I'm drawing or painting or just creating stuff in general, I tend to be listening to music. Summing up what I listen to isn't easy for me because I always feel like I'm leaving something out if I use a simple sentence to sum it up.

    So... how about a long explanation?

    I made a mix cd for myself a few months ago to listen to in the car...and I've enjoyed the mix so much that I've been using it as an example of what I listen to on various forums!

    Leona Naess - Calling
    The Magnetic Fields - Love is Lighter Than Air
    Wilco and Billy Bragg - Hesitating Beauty
    The Field Mice - Canada
    Louis Armstrong - The Dummy Song
    Nick Drake - One of These Things First
    George Harrison - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
    Sam Cooke - (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons
    She & Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
    The Features - The Idea of Growing Old
    Fontella Bass - Rescue Me
    David Gray - Babylon
    Brisa Roché - Dial Me Up
    Sara Bareilles - Love Song
    Louis Prima - When You're Smiling/The Sheik Of Araby
    Walter Meego - Forever

    With music, I tend to have phases. When I leave a phase, I still enjoy the music, but I get "tired" and move onto something that feels more fresh to me and then revisit things from phases later on in a less obsessed way.

    For a while I was huge into twee pop, listening exclusively to stuff like The Field Mice, All Girl Summer Fun Band, The Magic Whispers, Hello Saferide, The Snow Fairies, The Camera Casanovas!, etc.

    Then I was hugely into trip-hop stuff like Bjork, Massive Attack, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Microbunny, Conjure One, Ruby, Rob Dougan, Moby, etc.

    Then another time I was huge into weird folk stuff like Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom, Scout Niblett, Iron and Wine, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Vashti Bunyan, etc.

    Back in high school and before, I was more into rock/punk/against the man stuff, like Weezer, Social Distortion, bis, Green Day, Rancid, MXPX, NoFx, Sublime, Everclear, Eve6, Third Eye Blind, Stabbing Westward, Matchbox Twenty, etc

    I've also been in the general "indie" phase as well, including stuff like of Montreal, The Magnetic Fields, Bright Eyes, Neutral Milk Hotel, Apples in Stereo, The Decemberists, Death Cab for Cutie, Marshmallow Coast, Essex Green, Cat Power, etc

    And again I was into general pop type stuff, adult alternative, type stuff, including Poe, Madonna, Sheryl Crow, Sarah McLachlan, Dido, Ani DiFranco, Melissa Ferrick, Annie, Aimee Mann, Duncan Sheik, Trespassers William, Vienna Teng, Beth Orton, Darren Hanlon, Imogen Heap,

    Also a shoegazey type phase including Mazzy Star, Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, etc

    Also was into general country/folk type stuff as well, including Cat Stevens, The Innocence Mission, Hanne Hukkleberg,

    Then there was the older stuff phase, including Sal Mineo, Nat King Cole, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, The Zombies, Chad & Jeremy, Patsy Cline, Brenda Lee, etc.

    Inbetween all of these phases, I have these downtimes where I just listen to everything on random(shuffe if you use iTunes like I do), or I make playlists and mix CDs with specific songs that fit a theme or are in general just very enjoyable to me at the time. Then something finds me or I find it randomly, either via the radio, browsing the internet(forums,,, friends, or otherwise) and I become launched into another theme related to whatever it is I've found and the cycle starts all over again.

    I feel weird sometimes for having these themes/phases I go through, because I feel like I'm being too "into" one thing, but I think in general it's a positive, because I end up, afterwards, having more music to add to my library for later on when I enter another downtime of shuffling. I don't get entirely sick of whatever the phase was after I'm out of it, I just save it for later because I get enough of it after a while that I move onto something else. When stuff comes on shuffle later from previous phases I'm very happy to hear it again and will revisit it to some extent!

    So yep, there's my taste in music. I hope you find some new stuff there...though I'm not sure how great I am at assigning genres to stuff.

    You just saved me so much time by typing EXACTLY what I was going to say.

    I have way too many favorites because I'm all over the place when it comes to music... but here are the my all time favorites or the one's I always come back to:

    Ani Difranco
    Foo Fighters
    The Beatles
    Cat Stevens
    The Spill Canvas
    Lil Wayne (haha)
    Bright Eyes
    Jack Johnson
    Beastie Boys
    Vanella Ice (just ice ice baby but that is MY song and I request it everytime I go clubbing haha)
    Bob Marley
    John Mayer
    Ben Harper

    I'm going to stop or I'll just keep going. I also just found a song I'm IN LOVE WITH and have it on replay in my car right now. Incense and peppermints by strawberry alarm clock. I love love love it.

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    Abney Park, The Birthday Massacre, Delerium, Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton, Epica, Flogging Molly, Interpol, Johnny Hollow, The Killers, Ladytron, Led Zeppelin, Malice Mizer, Metric, Placebo, Stars, VNV Nation

    to name a few.
    a little less conversation, a little more action please
    . captain's blog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pure_mercury View Post
    Well, if anyone (stupid) wrote off Vampire Weekend as a novelty pop-rock act before, they should take a listen to their new album. It's a real progression. They are one of our best rock bands right now.

    [YOUTUBE=bccKotFwzoY]Vampire Weekend - Giving Up the Gun[/YOUTUBE]
    I kinda eeped at the people in this video
    It's like they put all my lovers in one video!!

    Plus, I've never heard of this group before, but I really like them!
    Quote Originally Posted by MacGuffin View Post
    ayoitsStepho is becoming someone else. Actually her true self, a rite of passage.

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    I really am loving this band: A more perfect union/ Titus Andronicus

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