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    Default Road Music

    Post your favourite road music.

    Kingfisher got me thinking about this when he posted this Steppenwolf song. I knew this guy that played this every time we travelled. He was a funny guy, really relaxed, would almost put his feet up and have a sleep as he drove.

    [YOUTUBE="EEEzbFxEbB8"]Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride [/YOUTUBE]

    This song always reminds me of travelling. For two reasons, the lyrics and the time I had the cassette on a trip and ended up leaving it in a hotel on a long road trip.

    [YOUTUBE="cUlmZ2PdxiE"]Led Zeppelin- Ramble On[/YOUTUBE]

    Here to me is the classic road song.

    [YOUTUBE="QEa-ctbj8rk"]Easy Rider[/YOUTUBE]

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    this song doesn't talk about the road, but i love listening to it v loud in my car en route to the beach. it builds to a cool momentum and then eases and then....bam bam again.

    [YOUTUBE="PGrx6etMl0w"]dog days are over - florence and the machine[/YOUTUBE]

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    great thread idea!!
    we did listen to Magic Carpet Ride a lot on road trips.
    here is some i can think of, right now....

    [YOUTUBE="rfUYuIVbFg0"]don't stop believin'[/YOUTUBE]

    [YOUTUBE="fdov2UIjUpY"]sloop john b - the beach boys[/YOUTUBE]

    [YOUTUBE="DIoKr9VDg3A"]for what it's worth - Buffalo Springfield[/YOUTUBE]

    and all of the Morrison Hotel album.

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    The original idea was to post travel songs that you associate with somewhere. Here is an Aussie track that I associate with taking off to hitchhike up north in NZ.

    Play the bottom one and mute it. Then play the track for an immersion in audio and visuals.

    [YOUTUBE="cFY9TY1Y-0k"]Bow River - Cold Chisel[/YOUTUBE]


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    can't say i really associate songs with anywhere.. just the driving itself and what mood i feel like getting in or whatever

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    [YOUTUBE=""]The Who - I'm Free[/YOUTUBE]

    [YOUTUBE=""]Florence & the Machine - Cosmic Love[/YOUTUBE]

    [YOUTUBE=""]Vampire Weekend - Boston[/YOUTUBE]

    [YOUTUBE=""]Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower[/YOUTUBE]
    Hang on traveling woman - Don't sacrifice your plan
    Cause it will come back to you - Before you lose it on the man

    .:: DWTWD ::.

    There is this thing keeping everyone's lungs and lips locked - It is called fear and it's seeing a great renaissance

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